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Guaranteed savings
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Data-driven, high-touch guidance
for whole-person health.

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average savings
across health plans

As health improves, health care spend goes down. We guarantee it.

Stats 5percent engage


More participation makes a greater health impact.

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MOBE participants say the relationship is what makes the experience unique.

From healthy outcomes to financial savings. 

MOBE’s mission is to guide people to better health and more happiness. Our people-first approach starts with expert one-to-one help from our Guides, along with comprehensive medication management from clinical pharmacists. Our high-touch, whole-person health and well-being program is supported by an easy-to-use digital platform.

By helping your population make healthier choices in key areas of their lives, such as nutrition, movement, sleep, and emotional well-being, MOBE drives down health care spending. Healthier outcomes are realized—and you save money.

Guaranteed cost savings.

The numbers tell the story: MOBE helps your eligible members improve their health, which drives costs down. On average, our health plan clients save 7.5% in claims costs. Our compensation comes from the savings we share with you—and those savings are guaranteed. Plus, we’ll demonstrate the ROI every step of the way.

Advanced analytics fuel better health outcomes.

Using predictive analytics, we identify eligible members who represent an estimated 10% of a commercial book of business who are responsible for approximately 30% of health care costs. These individuals tend to have multiple chronic conditions and prescriptions, and are not participating in other available well-being programs.

Take action for greater satisfaction.

With best-in-class engagement and strong participant relationships, MOBE helps your population feel happier and healthier—which drives greater member satisfaction.

Full circle health for the whole person.

Health isn’t just one thing; it’s everything. That's why MOBE Guides and Pharmacists give personalized, unhurried support for whole-person health: nutrition, sleep, movement, emotional well-being, and medications.

Financial guarantee.

MOBE improves the health of your members. This leads to lower health care utilization and considerable reduction in claims cost, backed by a risk-free financial guarantee. Kurt Cegielski, MOBE CCO, explains how the guarantee works.

MOBE financial guarantee

Success with MOBE

Participant health outcomes.

  • 60% improved emotional well-being
  • 57% reported an increase in energy
  • 73% lost or maintained weight
  • 35% increased sleep to more than 7 hours/day

Featured tools and resources.

Download: Advancing Health Equity

MOBE partnered with a third-party firm to identify, measure, and quantify the impact of our work on individuals facing five or more SDoH risk factors. We are pleased to share our findings.

Download: Comprehensive medication guidance—a must for your people.

Everyone participating in MOBE can have human-to-human conversations with a dedicated MOBE Pharmacist. See why it’s vital.

Proof That MOBE Makes a Healthier Difference

We improve health outcomes, enhance the health care experience, and lower costs. Beyond that, we also impact the well-being of health care workers and are making significant strides in advancing health equity. Learn more about the…

MOBE helps us empower our members to achieve their best health with tools and strategies that focus on areas too often neglected, but essential for overall well-being. MOBE’s personalized, relationship-based support brings all aspects of health into alignment to give our members a better overall experience and produce better health outcomes.”

Health plan client, Vice President of Health Care Management

Our goal always is to make health care work better for all of our members. And for this population, making it work better means learning to use it in healthy ways...MOBE shares in our belief of meeting people where they are and our passion for improving people's health through innovative solutions.”

Health plan client, Executive Vice President