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5 Ways to Wind Down Before Bedtime

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Night, night. Sleep tight.” It seems so simple. But getting a good rest can take some effort. With these tips, you can develop sleep habits that help you feel more refreshed throughout the day.

Enjoy bath time.

Take a shower or bath, slip into comfy pajamas, and brush your teeth to start relaxing. Pampering tasks like applying skin care products or starting a soothing sound machine can also help you unwind.

Plan ahead.

First, create a sleep sanctuary to make drifting off to sleep easy. Then prep for tomorrow. Choose your outfit, prep your meals, and set aside any medications or supplements you’ll need in the morning.

Read or write.

Step into an imaginary world with a good book or write about your real life in a journal. Both are great alternatives to watching a show or scrolling through your phone. Learn easy ways to change your TV habits.

Reflect and de-stress.

Ease into a peaceful night's sleep. Think about your goals, talk about your day, or make a list of things you’re grateful for. Thinking about the positive parts of your life can relieve stress.

Breathe deep.

Don’t bring the day’s troubles to bed with you. Clear your mind with meditation. You can also try gentle yoga, simple stretches, or breathing exercises to relax before you rest.

Do what works.

Keep your sleep routine and environment consistent. Whether you like blackout shades, a gentle fan breeze, or nature sounds, set up your room to fit your needs.

Work with a MOBE Guide to create your unique wind-down routine. Get started today.